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Virtual Security Operation Center (vSOC)


With the increase of cloud computing, organisations face new security challenges. Via strategic partnerships with datacenters we offer security as part of their service, bringing a high level of security in reach of every company. Thisv SOC-as-a-service (Managed SOC) is specifically suitable for organizations that want to have an in-depth understanding of what is happening within their network, both on premise and in the cloud, to be able to respond immediately to possible threats.

What is a vSOC-as-a-Service?

vSOC-as-a-Service is a managed Security Operations Center (SOC) and Previder, which is a datacenter that provides managed IT services from the workplace to the cloud. SOC is primarily focused on the detection of potential threats within corporate networks, ranging from hackers and malware to employees who consciously or intentionally seek access to confidential information that is not intended for their eyes. Thanks to this collaboration, we enable Dutch companies to extend their security level with intelligent threat detection of a very high level.

Why a vSOC-as-a-Service?

Datacenters in the cloud are generally very secure, but cloud providers often have little to say about what is happening in that cloud. Organizations unfortunately underestimate the specific cybersecurity challenges of a cloud environment. We believe that together with datacenters, we can provide a unique service that is crucial for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.