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Interactive Awareness & Assessment

Get your employees engaged in IT security awareness with Siggap’s highly effective training modules with continuous testing and targeted learning.

Is security awareness training effective?

With human error involved in more than 90% of security breaches, many CISOs have taken to security awareness training to boost employee understanding of cyber threats and how to respond to them.

But does security awareness training really work? For most organizations, the answer is no. Despite billions of dollars spent on security awareness training programs, companies today are even more likely to experience a breach than they were four years ago.

How is this possible? To put it bluntly, most security awareness training is dull, long and ineffective. The content is boring, making it impossible for employees to pay attention. It’s time-consuming, taking employees away from their busy schedule. And it’s doesn’t give employees a sense of individual responsibility for helping protect the organization.

Siggap offers an Interactive security awareness training and assessment program that addresses these flaws by taking a different approach: engaging content, delivered in short doses, with a focus on individual risk scoring.