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Firewall Review & Test

Firewall audits receive a lot of attention nowadays due to standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and SOX and HIPAA for US companies. Even if you are not required to meet these standards at the present time, you may be required to show that your network is secure for business relationships with certain partners and customers.

It’s not enough for your organization to establish these rules for your network regarding inbound and outbound traffic. Why? As time goes on, rules become deprecated and protocols become insecure. Many security frameworks, including PCI DSS, require that your organization has a process to review firewall and router configurations to ensure that they are still secure. This process could be manual or using automated, but there must be a process.

What is Firewall Security Review?

Firewall Security Review is an audit that checks for vulnerabilities, firewall software configuration, and Security Policy.

It can improve your ability to locate weaknesses in your network security posture and allow you to find where your policies need to be changed. In addition, they can assist you in demonstrating due diligence in reviewing your network security and policies in the event of a lawsuit or other issue which may question your security standards.

Rule review includes the checks, but not limited to;

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